Lloyd’s Register (LR) is focused on working with marine and offshore companies of all sizes to co-create leading bespoke solutions, enabling them to optimise efficiency in operations, asset performance and maintenance, reduce risk and improve safety while offering increased transparency to stakeholders.

At the forefront of the safe adoption of digital technologies within the marine and offshore sector, LR has pioneered a ‘total-systems’ approach, with a number of industry firsts developed to help a wide range of stakeholders navigate the huge opportunities for improving efficiency and performance – but also the various security and safety challenges posed.

Recognising the need to go further than ensuring the safe integration of cyber technology, LR’s end-to-end set of solutions addresses the need to keep people, assets and systems secure within the constantly changing cyber security landscape.

LR’s Marine & Offshore Director, Nick Brown, commented: “We are working with our clients to develop a cyber risk management plan specifically tailored to their business and operational needs, with the aim to embed cyber security seamlessly within their organisation.”

Brown continued, “We recognise the importance of having the best capabilities, so have chosen to work with QinetiQ, a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets. Through this unique partnership, we can bring the benefits of QinetiQ’s world-leading cyber security skills, knowledge and experience, to complement our own expertise in marine and offshore risk management.”

From guidance and training to vulnerability and impact assessment LR can help clients develop a cyber security strategy that will work for their business now and in the future, ensuring readiness to operate cyber-enabled assets safely and securely.

Once security has been assured, the biggest challenge associated with data from multiple systems and connected assets is in understanding how to turn the possibilities into actual commercial and operational value. It is now possible to amass more data more easily but with so much data available, extracting useful and actionable information and insights is a challenge.

LR’s analytics capability under the ‘Cyber Perform’ step of LR’s cyber and digital transformation services spans from the deployment of the platform at vessel or fleet level to shore-side decision-making support.

The approach provides the right tools to embed data-driven insights within an organisation, complementing existing processes and procedures and providing the opportunity to centralise all data sources into one consolidated data view. LR’s world-class engineering knowledge is translated into advanced data analytics, underpinned by a pioneering and secure Connected Assets Big Data Platform powered by partner, QiO Technologies.

This platform is supported by LR’s industry-recognised software, such as real-time adaptive maintenance optimisation service and software (RTAMO), asset management optimisation service and software (Axxim) and loading and stability software (LR Seasafe), as well as by partnerships with leaders such as the cloud-based ship management software provider, Hanseaticsoft.

LR’s methodology moves the client through the following seamless journey:

power and potential of data – understanding, identifying and assessing the data a client has and what it can help them achieve

defining data strategies – a robust and practical plan for achieving the desired technical, operational and commercial outcomes

enabling data analytics – providing a powerful, scalable platform to help consolidate operational data from assets with other data to give a fully integrated view, enabling powerful analytics to derive actionable insights

providing value – quickly piloting solutions and demonstrating the benefits of data

deployment – working with the client to scale from pilots to fully functional solutions across their business

continuous improvement – a long-term partnership that keeps the solution relevant, reliable and secure.

Meet our experts at OTC Houston 2018 in the NRG Park, Texas – April 30 to 3 May at Booth #3005.

For media enquiries contact

Jason Knights
Head of External Communication and Media Relations, Energy
T +44 330 414 1070
M +44 (0)78 2728 2569
E jason.knights@lr.org
Visit www.lr.org or follow me on Twitter @jasonknights_LR or @saferenergy

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