Chemical Process Simulation Class: December 8, 2018 – CANCELLED

Chemical Process Simulator Fundamentals

Learn how to operate any chemical process simulator by knowing the basic concepts.

Venue: Hilton Hotel Houston North
Instructor: Richard Carranza, Carranza Consulting
Duration: 8am to 6pm
8 PDH credit
Bring your laptop

Exhibition Space is availableFor further details on the course, please contact me TEL 832.229.0685 or

Objective:  Learn the fundamental principles of chemical process simulation.  The course emphasizes core concepts rather  than hands on application.  The morning section of the class will stress mass balances, heat balances, reversible and irreversible flashes, polytropic processes, and chemical equilibrium.  The afternoon session will focus on applications:  control valves, relief valves, two phase separators, and distillation columns.  The simulator to be used is a generic one from the internet.  In this class, the student learns how to use any process simulator (Aspen, Hysys, ChemCad, Pro II, etc)  because he understands the basic principles of chemical process simulation.

Instructor:  Richard Carranza
Richard has a BA in chemistry from Cornell College, an MS in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA in finance from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. Experience also includes 30 years of working in the chemical processing industry for various firms like Brown and Root, Davy McKee, Jacobs Engineering, Fluor, and Mustang.  Richard has also held various academics posts teaching subjects from economics, to chemistry, to chemical engineering.

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