Interview with Larry Leikin, Co-Founder of the Energy Marketing Conference

I had an opportunity to speak with Larry Leikin, VP of Sales at TrustedTPV, during the Energy Marketing Conference held on March 14, 2018, at the Double Tree Hotel Greenway Plaza, in Houston, Texas. Here is what Larry had to say about the conference and the energy marketing sector.

How did the Energy Marketing Conference get started?

I co-founded the Energy Marketing Conference in 2013 with Jack Doueck. The last conference in Houston was our 9th, and was our biggest yet. Jack and I recognized a need for an event focused on the sales & marketing aspects of the industry. There were already conferences devoted to regulatory affairs and other specific topics, but none that really targeted the one thing that grows any industry – acquiring and keeping more customers.

What makes this conference so successful?

We know the people we are targeting – Corporate executives, VP’s, Directors, business people who do not want to spend an entire week away from their jobs and their families. From the beginning, the Energy Marketing Conference was designed as a one day conference, with 2 events per year, in the 2 centers of competitive energy – Houston and New York. The Energy Marketing Conference and the networking that it affords is important to the industry and we purposely made the conference easy to attend. The Conference has grown to become the largest event in competitive energy; with 600 attendees and 80 different suppliers. The conference is the one place you have to be whether you are a vendor or a vendor’s representative.

Tell me about your company TrustedTPV.

My wife, Sherry Leikin, owns TrustedTPV, the competitive energy industry’s leading provider of third party verification (TPV) services. Trusted is the only woman-owned company in the TPV space. TPV is mandated in most states to confirm a customer’s desire to switch energy companies. This protects the consumer against unscrupulous marketing practices and protects suppliers from consumers who deny switching. Trusted offers live operator, automated, and E-signature verifications – the perfect verification solution for every channel. TrustedTPV serves approximately 100 clients, primarily in the competitive energy industry. The company was founded in 2009 but I have been providing verification services for 22 years. My first TPV company was founded in 1996 and sold in 2006 to a publicly held company.

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