In its recently published One-Year Global Fuels Outlook, ESAI Energy points out that U.S. exports of gasoline and diesel to Latin America will remain stable in 2018, near historic highs achieved in 2017 of over 1.6 million b/d combined.

Over the last two years, U.S. producers have sent increasingly large volumes of both diesel and gasoline to Latin America to satiate that region’s growing import requirement. In 2018, Latin America’s gasoline and diesel deficits are forecast to remain steady as a marginal recovery in regional throughput is offset by a rise in demand for the two products. With the U.S.’ gasoline and diesel surpluses also expected to remain more or less stable, ESAI Energy analyst Ian Page states that “U.S. producers will continue to send historically large volumes of gasoline and diesel Southwards.”

Courtey of Gena Herlihy
ESAI Energy






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