Press Release: A Collaborative, Customizable, and Comprehensive Web-Based Resource for Project Planning

North American Prospector’s Expo Houston, TX The Land Scout collaborative mapping platform was reintroduced by Reagan Smith Energy Solutions at the recent NAPE expo in Houston. Land Scout was originally designed as an in-house project to consolidate data and streamline decision making. This web-based platform integrates mapping, regulatory, and environmental data into a seamless, real-time, collaborative environment. Now project management teams in locations across the globe can gather to hash out issues in real-time. Logging into Land Scout they can troubleshoot pitfalls, determine avoidances, and make quick decisions while generating a working project record.

It all began when Reagan Smith conducted a massive databasing and mapping campaign to support its environmental and regulatory consulting business. This collection proved so valuable that Reagan Smith now offers it to customers through their sister company Land Scout. Leveraging Reagan Smith’s extensive pool of federal oil and gas records, Land Scout creates collaborative applications that incorporate all the data needed to make quick, accurate decisions.

Land Scout, powered by Pixel Trail technology, features a wide range of mapping and data options in an intuitive, interactive space. This advanced digital platform helps to level the competitive landscape among operators. Subscription-based plans are tailored to each client’s needs. Options abound for web-based maps, data licensing, and individual project packages. Clients can access a wide range of layered data, including historic aerial photos, pipeline routes, designated wetlands, flood plains, and oil and gas well locations. Land Scout clearly identifies up-to-date mineral and surface ownership and lease information drawn from the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Forest Service, State agencies, and others. Customers have the option of adding their own proprietary data and data from other vendors. All of this, along with supporting documentation, is available at the click of a button. Land Scout has a reporting feature to generate detailed color maps and detailed reports. These tools expedite the permitting process, document decision making and streamline due diligence.

Courtesy of Kristin Weaver
Director of Business Development
Land Scout
Media Contact:  William Furlow,

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