Conference features “Cost in Space – Valuing the Johnson Space Center”

Washington, D.C., January 23, 2018 – Professionals from the Real Estate and Construction sectors will have much to look forward to in Houston on January 30th at the first stop of the RICS Summit Series Americas 2018. The Houston edition will bring together thought leaders to discuss topics and issues impacting the city (and cities around the world) and a major draw for professionals is the third installment in RICS’s “Iconomics” series.

Having valued the White House and the Chicago Cubs franchise in 2016 and 2017, M. Barden Prisant, FRICS, FRSA will be taking on Mission Control this year with his co-presenter, Ed Hirs, FRICS (ret). They will discuss the implications of valuing such a unique property, which includes 100 buildings on 1,620 acres which, for decades, has been the nerve center of our country’s manned space program. Add in a Saturn V rocket, a 747, a command module and 600 pounds of moon rocks, and you end up with quite a package. However, with SpaceX and Virgin Galactic muscling in on the Government’s monopoly, what would be the market for the JSC?

Prisant and Hirs will discuss which valuation approach would be best, plus what “extraordinary assumptions” would be needed to perform the hypothetical appraisal. Care to guess the final figure? Feel free to send it in, and on January 30th, you will find out if you have a future as a space port appraiser.

The ‘Iconomics’ series has become one of the favorite sessions during our annual conferences. It’s exciting to see Barden bring this to each of the Summit Series Americas by adding a local flair. This session really brings out many of the unique aspects of our profession,” concludes Neil Shah, Managing Director of RICS in the Americas.

Courtesy of Rafaela André Thomsen
Communications Manager






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