In October, I visited the ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium and Exhibition held in Houston. At the conference, I had a chance to speak with the staff of Neste Engineering Solutions, a part of national oil Company Neste in Finland, regarding its product family NAPCON. I learned that Neste Engineering Solutions has its own in-house chemical process simulator for dynamic simulation.

This software is the design software behind NAPCON Simulator. This program is used for the modeling of the refinery processes that Neste operates and is also used by NAPCON for its operator training games and operator training simulators. I recently interviewed Ville Saarela, Product Manager for NAPCON Simulator, and here are the major points I learned about this software.

  • Has a library of unit operations like separators, columns, pumps, and compressors.
  • The software allows the rearranging of unit operations as the engineer sees fit.
  • Uses a thermodynamic equation of state to rigorously execute flash calculations.
  • Has a database for a vast array of components along with their interaction parameters.
  • Can do atmospheric column design using a crude oil assay.
  • Capable of handing dynamic simulations.
  • Used for safety studies, like relief valve sizing.
  • Is capable of handling “nasty” mixtures containg hydrogen sulfide, water, acids, and various isomers of petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • This design software behind NAPCON Simulator is the thermodynamic engine that supports the NAPCON operator training suite of software solutions.

I have to admit, I really like process simulation. I was a student at Texas A&M University when TSWEET (now called ProMax) was being developed by Bryan Research and Engineering. I knew many of the researchers and programmers that put that package together. I know NAPCON did a lot of work creating this great software, NAPCON Simulator. Check them out.


This article was modified at 2pm CST 1/2/2018


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