Interview with James Causey, Executive Director of SpaceCom

Group at OpeningJames Causey, 4th from the left, officially opens SpaceCom.

SpaceCom 2017 is held in Houston

The Space Commerce Conference and Exposition, SpaceCom, was held in Houston, Texas, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, December 5 – 7. SpaceCom is an idea that started at NASA, specifically, the Johnson Space Center; and jointly owned by Houston First (the Houston Convention Bureau) and National Trade Productions located in Alexandria, VA.

The goal of SpaceCom is technology transfer: that is, to take the technology developed for space exploration and transfer it to business and the economy. I spoke to James Causey, executive director of SpaceCom, at the gathering; and he states that SpaceCom focuses on 5 sectors in business:

  • Medical

  • Maritime

  • Agrobusiness

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Energy

Houston business is essentially defined by these five categories. One of the great benefits of space technology transfer is the reduction of satellite size and weight; and thus, saving money.

Mr Causey explains further that satellites help business in extraordinary ways:

  • Production plant security, satellites are used as extra eyes for petroleum refineries, and oil/gas facilities.

  • Discovery of new natural resources. Although satellites cannot see miles into the ground, they can pickup surface indicators that mark where resouces could be buried.

  • Emissions detection by using light of various wavelengths, depending on what you are looking for.

  • 3D printing is useful when a part breaks on an offshore platform. A code is sent to the printer via satellite and a temporary solution is found until the real part is delivered.

This is SpaceCom’s 3rd year in Houston. The event is held every December. Come and join us!

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