Press Release: LeoSat at OilComm 2017

New low earth orbit satellite network providing the first backbone in space for the digital oilfield

LeoSat Highlights:

  • Unique global satellite network using inter-satellite links

  • Optical backbone in space 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber

  • Ultra-low latency and highly secure network

  • Combining the speed of fiber with the reach of satellite

LeoSat Enterprises, which is launching a constellation of up to 108 low-earth-orbit communications satellites that will provide the fastest, most secure and widest coverage data network in the world, is participating at the Oil Comm event in Houston. Ronald van der Breggen, Chief Commercial Officer of LeoSat will be outlining LeoSat’s game-changing system – a unique new data network solution for the Oil & Gas sector.

The digital oilfield has been evolving for over 30 years, driven by developments in software and smart hardware designed to improve operational efficiency, optimization, decision-making, collaboration and integration into production planning. Increasingly modern rigs produce enormous amounts of data that ideally would be reviewed in near real time and bandwidth requirements continue to rise with the demand for always-on connectivity. Existing satellite networks cannot handle the bandwidth and speed requirements to move large amounts of data quickly. Hence, LeoSat was conceived (by two former Schlumberger executives) as an ultra-low latency, high throughput, extremely secure, global data network solution – essentially an optical backbone in space. LeoSat’s advanced global network architecture of low earth orbit satellites enables voice, video and cloud-based enterprise applications for digital oilfield communication, helping to drive efficiencies and ensuring optimized connectivity and on-shore/off-shore collaboration.

Chief Commercial Officer Ronald van der Breggen said: “LeoSat is making the digital oilfield a reality by providing a new solution which is not only completely secure and reliable, but delivers data faster than on any terrestrial or satellite network. Combining the speed of fiber with the ubiqity of satellite means that LeoSat is creating a new satellite paradigm, shifting the role of satellites in the oil & gas sector from a last resort option to a first choice for data transportation. We are talking to a number of companies and re-sellers in the sector who see us as a vital part of their future growth”.

The LeoSat system is being developed in conjunction with Thales Alenia Space, a company with unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing low earth orbit constellations. The high-throughput satellites (HTS) will form a mesh network interconnected through laser links, creating an optical backbone in space which is about 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones, thus creating a paradigm shift in the use of satellites for data connectivity – rather than a gap filler or last resort where no terrestrial alternative is available.

To find out more, come along to Oil Comm, Thursday 7th December, 10:45am, Conference Room Briarpark 1, Session: Oil & Gas Decision-Makers Go Digital: Tools for Business Growth, LeoSat: A New Satellite Paradigm.

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Courtesy of Melanie Dickie
LeoSat Enterprises

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