Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics Conference Is Coming To Houston



The Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics Conference is being held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, December 12 – 13, 2017.  The focus of the conference is on optimizing the domestic supply chain, understanding how the digital supply chain affects the petrochemical industry, assessing the impact of hurricane Harvey on supply chain logistics, and more.  Click on the picture above to receive a $250 discount for attending.

♦ Key companies confirmed to attend the event:

  • ExxonMobilgroup of 25 confirmed
  • Dow Chemicalgroup of 12 confirmed
  • Chevron Phillips Chemicalgroup of 8 confirmed
  • Sasol group of 9 confirmed
  • Shell Chemical – group of 7 confirmed
  • Solvay – group of 6 confirmed
  • The Sunshine Projects (Formosa Taiwan Louisiana Projects) – group of 4 confirmed
  • INEOS group of 4 confirmed
  • Americas Styrenics group of 4 confirmed
  • AkzoNobel group of 3 confirmed
  • Vinmar – group of 3 confirmed
  • Soltex – group of 3 confirmed
  • NOVA Chemicals – group of 2 confirmed
  • Huntsman Corporation – group of 2 confirmed
  • Flint Hills Resources – group of 2 confirmed
  • Honeywell – group of 5 confirmed
  • Dupré Logistics – group of 5 confirmed

Other companies sending representation include: DuPont; Dexco Polymers; Westlake Chemical; Phillips 55; LyondellBasell; Invista; Ferromex; Kansas City Southern; COSCO; Union Pacific; Katoen Natie; Norfolk Southern; Kirby Marine; Port Houston; Port of New Orleans; and many more.


♦ Key speakers are included from major organizations :

Focused on petrochemical supply chains, operations and logistics, in the Houston, Texas area, the organizers have managed to pull together an influential and impressive list of speakers:

  • Millissa Flanagan, Senior Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain, AkzoNobel
  • Rick Lissa, Senior Director – Logistics Management Department, Formosa Plastics
  • Amy Hark, Director, Americas & Global Logistics Purchasing, Huntsman Corporation
  • Brandy Christian, President & CEO, Port of New Orleans
  • Roger Guenther, Executive Director, Port of Houston Authority
  • Reggie Dupré, President & CEO, Dupré Logistics
  • Howard Finkel, Executive Vice President, COSCO CONTAINER LINES


♦ You should attend if you work in the following sectors:

  • Petrochemical Producers
  • 3PLs
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Ports
  • Rail Companies
  • Shipping Companies
  • Traders
  • Technology & Service Providers

♦ Key Themes On The Agenda:

  • Assessing Harvey’s True Impact:  Hear from all the major stakeholders across the supply chain.  Get full updates on capacity, restrictions, bottlenecks, maintenance and repair schedules – fully prepare your supply chain for the year ahead
  • Understand the Real Implications of New Volumes & Anticipate Producer Supply Chain Needs:  Get insight into the  U. S. petrochemical market:  project completion forecasts, upgrades, expansions, grass root facilities, and new online production capacities through the year 2025.  With first wave projects set to cause a substantial jolt and strain on the U.S. infrastructure, make sure your business is ahead of the game and can deliver on your clients’ needs.
  • Generating Capacity to Keep Up with Export Demand:   The Conference explores how shipping lines, ports, terminals & 3PLS are accommodating this year’s wave of new polyethylene and ethylene export volume.  Discussion includes how to improve capacity given continual growth in the industry.
  • Optimizing the Domestic Supply Chain: Capitalize on domestic distribution. Insights are provided that study the impact of new capacity on rail, trucking, and distribution companies; how they see the microeconomic dynamics of supply and demand within the United States.  The goal is to optimize infrastructure for the transportation of increased production capacity.
  • The Future Is Digital: What Does a Digital Supply Chain Mean for Petrochemicals?   What does digitalization really mean for the petrochemical supply chain in terms of improving day-to-day efficiency; and how far away is the digital revolution?


♦ Register:

Online Registration Link:

Use registration code PSCL250 to receive a $250 discount when you register online.

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