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The Oil and Gas Future Logistics Forum is recently held at the Houston Marriott West Loop Galleria, October 26 – 27, 2016.  The conference attendees come from all areas of the logistics business:  purchasing, expediting, human resources, information technology.  Some of the concerns at the meeting include creating and maintaining a fluid and seamless supply chain, and finding a way to link computers systems in a manner that does not disrupt the supply chain – that is, companies use different software to do the same thing and standardizing how computers systems and programs talk to each other is difficult within an organization, much more so between companies.

A serious concern on everyone’s mind is recruitment of new talent when the oil and gas business rebounds from its current slump.  The concern is focused on the logistics business, and on the over all oil and gas business in general.  The question asked, “after all the layoffs and downsizing, how will we get those employees back, and also how do we recruit new employees?”  The sentiment is that employees want security and the oil and gas business does not project that image.



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